VIDEO: Speaking Truth to Power From the Trees (Day 34)

There is only one tree blockader who has been in the trees from day one of the tree blockade. Our friend, who goes by Chickadee, is a joyous and unbreakable spirit that we dearly miss here on the ground. Watch this touching video of them speaking truth to power from the trees. With love, honesty, humanity, and humor they give us all the enduring hope to continue our struggle to stop the toxic tar sands once and for all.

In their own words:

“I’m here to make my Sunday school teachers proud…loving my neighbor as myself. If TransCanada was your neighbor would you want them to do this to your land?…Take your land when you don’t want them to take it, cut down all the trees, and [build] a pipeline. Is that the kind of neighbor you want?! Because thats not the kind of neighbor I want.”

“It’s okay to be scared. I’m scared everyday out here….but courage isn’t about being not afraid its about how you respond to your fear. There’s only one thing deeper than my fear and thats my love, my love of life. The world I want to create doesn’t involved giant corporations bullying people….Im here for the dignity of all humanity, a livable planet, and a thriving just, sustainable world.”

“Love is an active thing. Love is about taking actions to protect and defend people that you love. Working for their health and safety and the future for the little ones. That’s why I’m out here.”

Chickadee, we love and miss you and can’t begin to thank you for your endless bravery and powerful love in the face of greedy corporate devastation.

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