Solidarity Actions

With so many solidarity actions happening worldwide on November 19th, we unfortunately were not able to give a proper shout out to many of our friends who sent in photos during our Day of Mass Action on November 19th.  So with many apologies for the delay, here are the solidarity actions we didn’t get to post earlier.


Minisink, NY – Nov 17th:Hudson Valley Earth First!, Occupy Minisink and local residents protest at the construction site of the Minisink Compressor station (Millennium Pipeline Co.) which will increase capacity for storage and delivery of fracked natural gas from the Marcellus Shale. There were multiple work stoppages of truck deliveries to the site and no arrests. This action was taken in solidarity with the Tar Sands Blockade as part of the Global Dayagainst Fossil Fuels.


Jefferson, NH – Nov. 18th:


Boston, MA – Nov 19th:A rally was held to support in solidarity with Tar Sands Blockade.


Eugene, OR – Nov. 19th:

Houston, TX – Nov. 19th:

 Philadelphia, PA – Nov. 19th:

A banner drop and a photo shoot was executed outside the city to tie together tar sands and fracking in solidarity.


Tuscon, AZ – Nov. 19th:In Tucson, dozens of supporters from Tucson Climate Action Network, 350 Tucson, Sustainable Tucson, and Occupy Tucson joined together in an action at our biggest local fossil fuel industry member’s headquarters, UNS Corporation, the shell corporation that holds UniSource Energy Services and Tucson Electric Power. The rally highlighted the interrelationships between tar sands and other fossil fuel industries.


Bloomington, IN – Nov. 19th:Glacier’s Edge Earth First!, along with some Bloomington residents, held a demonstration at the offices of Crider
& Crider, Inc., in Bloomington, IN, protesting the Interstate 69 extension.


Los Angeles, CA:In a beautiful display of nonviolent resistance, the “Commonluck Theater of Dramatic Nourishment” delivered fruit salad to the Los Angeles, California office of McKenna, Long, and Aldridge, the main lobbying firm for TransCanada, in an attempt to change their hearts, “Grinch style”.


Montpelier, VT – Nov. 19th:

A group of area climate activists called attention to the climate crisis today in front of an Exxon/Mobile station along Route 2.  They hung a giant banner opposing three fossil fuel pipelines: Vermont Gas’ proposed natural gas pipeline under Lake Champlain, the Trailbreaker pipeline, owned chiefly by Exxon/Mobil, and the notorious Keystone XL pipeline.


Sandpoint, ID – Nov 17 AND 19th:

Sandpoint, ID – Nov 17

Two dozen activists from Occupy Spokane and Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) converged in several high vehicle and pedestrian traffic areas in Sandpoint, Idaho, with a people’s train of “rail car” protest signs, sidewalk parades, and chants to rebuke schemes for five coal export facilities on the Columbia River and Washington and Oregon coasts and increased toxic coal train traffic from Montana and Wyoming across the Northwest.

Moscow, ID – Nov 19

A handful of stalwart Wild Idaho Rising Tide activists reunited near the Moscow City Hall site of their recent yearlong protests of ExxonMobil “megaload” equipment hauled through the region to the Alberta tar sands, to demonstrate ongoing solidarity and resistance of fossil fuel exploitation, as two Omega Morgan tar sands transports plan to traverse nearby wild and scenic Highway 12 in the first days of December.


Endbridge, MI – Nov. 20th:Early this morning, as rush hour began, a banner was unfurled over I-94 just outside Galesburg, Michigan, home to an Enbridge office. The banner read: “Enbridge: Stop Extracting, Start Cleaning,”  It depicted the nearby Kalamazoo River and the oil that remains there after one of Enbridge’s pipelines dumped over 1 million gallons of oil in 2010. This was the largest inland oil spill in the U.S. and the first major spill of Canadian diluted bitumen.


We stand in solidarity with these folks as they stand with us.  Thank you for all your support!

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