November 19th Tree-Sit Activists Go to Court

UPDATE: Activists go to court today for the November 19th action

Three of the 11 activists arrested on November 19, 2012 went to court today for their criminal trespass charge. Read about that action. 

Today the judge threw out the criminal trespass charge for all activists in exchange for Lizzie, Ben, and Julie pleading guilty to disorderly conduct, a class C misdemeanor.

The felony charges are still pending.

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Lizzie, Eric and Julie (front row) outside Cherokee County courthouse with friends and supporters

Thanks to everyone who contributed to cover fines and court fees! We made enough for these defendants, but several Tar Sands Blockade cases are still pending. Please continue to support our activists who put themselves on the line by making a donation today! Plus, we’ve added a new perk! Donations of $25 will receive a Fearless Summer bandana (supplies limited)!

On November 19th 2012, in Cherokee County, TX, Ben Reynoso, Lizzie Alvarado, and Julie Henry climbed up sixty feet into trees to stop construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and prevent the destruction of a swath of forest. The lifelines supporting their platforms were tied to construction equipment, preventing any work from being done.
After a nine hour stand-off with police and workers, a cherry picker arrived. A crowd of local supporters surged into the road to block the truck but were dispersed when a sheriff emptied an entire can of police-grade pepper spray into the crowd.

Police used the cherry picker to take all three tree-sitters into custody. Ben, Lizzy and Julie were each charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass, felony mischief, and felony use of a criminal instrument. Altogether, these charges could lead to imprisonment for several years and fines of tens of thousands of dollars. Read more about the action here.

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