Video: Protect SacredWater from Tar Sands

This weekend the Moccasins on the Ground Direct Action Training tour on the Lakota homelands traveled to the remote Red Shirt community. Dozens of diverse people from across Turtle Island turned out to deepen their spiritual connection to SacredWater and learn skills in nonviolent direct action, tactical media, and medical training.

Owe Aku (Bring Back the Way) gathered Red Nations and non-Natives alike as protectors of SacredWater and caregivers of MotherEarth. Original Peoples on the frontlines continue to lead the struggle and unite nations in defense of our most sacred life sustaining element.

Check out this video produced by participants in the tactical media training to demonstrate the diversity of voices calling for the protection of SacredWater from toxic tar sands.

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Moccasins on the Ground Group

The training included a direct action by the Kul Wicasa Oyate (Lower Brule Lakota Tribe). Last Thursday, tribal members and their allies filled the halls of their Tribal Council to protect their sacred water from the threat of Keystone XL.

The community launched their direct action when they discovered that their Tribal Council had secretly signed an agreement with TransCanada to build an electrical substation on their tribal lands to power Keystone XL. TransCanada needs this electricity to power the pumping stations that will pump toxic tar sands through Lakota Territory. No electrical substation means no pipeline.

Alex White Plume of Owe Aku had this to say about the Tribal Council: “A decision was made without asking anybody. That’s not Lakota.” The action demonstrates the determination of Lakota people to protect their SacredWater by standing on sacred ground and building unity across their Nation.
Lower Brule Action

Trinity and Mateo SacredWaterThunder Rain Woman MemeCindy MyersJustin Rowland In case it’s not clear, the attendee’s made this 47 second video with a message for you.

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