Tree Blockade Is Under Siege (Day 11)

UPDATE: Friday, October 5, 2:00PM: Police Doing Everything They Can To Discourage Blockaders

This afternoon, as a group of blockaders was trying to pull a stash of toilet paper up from the ground into their blockade. After spotting the blockaders, police asked if they were trying to get the toilet paper. The blockaders answered affirmatively and, adding insult to isolation, move the bucket of toilet paper just out of reach. Thanks, Wood County Sheriff, for doing everything you can to protect and serve the people of Texas – oh wait, you’re not.


TransCanada and law enforcement authorities have sealed off a perimeter to the tree blockade and have besieged the blockade. Getting essential food and water supplies in has become extremely difficult as they continue to tighten their grip on our peaceful blockaders.

Early this morning Maggie Gorry came down from her perch atop a 40 foot pole and was promptly arrested. after she delayed clear-cutting operations for two entire days. Maggie’s stand was the remaining obstacle to prevent TransCanada from cutting outside the designated easement and around the tree blockade.

Blockaders in the trees are holding strong and doing everything they can to hold off this toxic pipeline as long as possible.

We need more reinforcements now! To immediately join us in Texas email tsbcomms[at] or sign up to attend our upcoming Direct Action Training Camp October 11-14 with a big public event on October 15th.

Heavy machinery scrapping the earth at the doorstep of the tree blockade

Dangling 40 feet above the ground from the timber scaffolding

TransCanada surveillance guys are lurking everyone in the surrounding woods

We will continue to defend our homes from the Keystone XL pipeline

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