Video: TransCanada Denying Food and Water to Peaceful Blockaders (Day 21)

Today the tree blockade is entering it’s fourth week of sustained resistance to the Keystone XL pipeline. During week two, the courageous actions of tree blockader Maggie Gorry delayed TransCanada’s clear cutting around the tree blockade for two entire days.

In response the blockade has been met with an alarming amount of police repression at the behest of TransCanada. Allow us to to paint the full picture of what’s happening here: we’ve got a multi-national corporation that has come into Texas, expropriated private land by eminent domain, and hired local law enforcement as a private security force to set up an occupied police state at the tree blockade. They’ve been employing torture tactics, charging peaceful protestors with trumped up felonies, and have orders to handcuff anyone, including New York Times journalists, who attempt to get close enough to even cover the story.

Despite our reasonable efforts to negotiate with the Wood County Sheriff’s Department to get food and water to our friends in the trees, our calls have only been met with curt hang-ups and replies of “no comment.”  This video of Maggie rocking out on her timber pole includes a conversation with a Wood County Sheriff Department Supervisor named Wes, recorded with his expressed permission, who refuses to allow food and water to be given to Maggie.

We won’t give up and will do our best to support our friends in the trees because they are doing what it right.

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