VIDEO: January 3rd Aerial Blockade Continues to Halt Construction!

No construction has taken place at the site of Audrey’s tree sit, which was on county-owned land. The action brought attention to the fact that TransCanada never sought permission from the Angelina County Commissioner’s Court, which is comprised of five elected officials, to build on that land.

TransCanada may claim that it simply made a mistake in not getting permission to demolish this stretch of forest and bury its toxic pipeline there. Regardless, the oversight is part of a larger pattern of arrogance, entitlement and corner-cutting. TransCanada operates as if regulators, judges, and all levels of government exist to serve its bottom line rather than the interests of regular people. This is apparent in the way it obtained the power of eminent domain by misleading the Texas Railroad Commission as to the contents of the pipeline, and the way it used that power to bully landowners and appropriate land.

The Angelina County Commissioner’s Court meets the second and fourth Tuesday of every month; the next meeting is on January 22nd. The decision on the fate of the land where Audrey’s tree-sit occurred has not been added to the agenda, and it’s unclear whether it will be decided at the next meeting or the one after it.

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