We Are Ready for Action: Will You Join Us?

Howdy y’all,

The time has come.

Last week we launched actions across Texas and Oklahoma exposing the start of TransCanada’s Keystone XL construction. Thanks to your help we generated a flurry of online buzz and received national coverage in the LA Times. As we send this, some of our friends and neighbors in Texas and Oklahoma are bearing witness to the devastation of their homes.

In the face of this waking nightmare, our broad coalition of landowners and concerned residents ready to resist Keystone XL has grown and doubled in strength. Texans and Oklahomans are rising up to defend their homes against this assault on their health and safety. Tar Sands Blockade is ready to live up to its name.

Will you join us for an action in the coming weeks?

We’re inviting everyone to join us as we realize our collective vision of a world without toxic tar sands pipelines. Our task is clear: through peaceful and sustained direct action, we are going to bring construction to a stop – permanently. Our strategy ensures that every blockade participant will maximize their impact. Some actions will involve a risk of arrest, which can be intimidating, and we assure that you will be supported every step of the way. There are roles for everyone and not all participants must risk arrest.

We’ll provide the necessary training in peaceful resistance and blockade tactics, and we’ll build strong relationships in the process. From the action, to the jail, and the celebration afterward, we are ready for you. To give you the opportunity to join our upcoming actions we need to know more about your desired involvement and availability during the next month.

Are you ready to join us? Let us know your interest and availability.

Now that construction has begun things are moving quickly and we want to tailor your experience as best we can. Once you’ve signed up, we will contact you by phone and email, but please consider this your official invitation and begin making plans for travel.

We have no illusions about the challenges of the path ahead, but we move forward with joy and determination, guided by our love of life and our belief that another world is possible.

In Solidarity,

Tar Sands Blockade Team

P.S. – If you aren’t able to make it out anytime soon, please consider a generous donation to support someone who can.

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