Heavy Machinery, Police Approaching Tree Blockade (Day 5)

UPDATE: 9:00PM – Sheriffs Have Left the Scene – Everything Calm as Cool Breeze Blows Through the Trees

UPDATE: 6:00PM – Alert: Multiple Sheriffs Have Arrived On Four-Wheelers

Sheriff has informed all the sitters that he doen’t plan on arresting anyone tonight, but if sitters stay up in the trees he will arrest them at some point.

UPDATE: 5:30PM – Construction Has Stopped for the Day 

UPDATE: 4:30PM – Bulldozer Plowing a Driveway Toward the Tree Blockade

A bulldozer and a skidder are rapidly building a road down the 110 foot wide clear-cut scar toward the timber scaffolding. TransCanada intends to hastily plow a road toward our friends with the hopes of extracting them from the trees. “The bulldozer is tearing up stumps and scraping the forest floor down to sand in a matter of minutes. We can feel the rumble all the way up on the scaffolding,” said one of the nine blockaders on the scaffolding.

UPDATE: 3:45PM – Heavy Machinery 60 Feet From Timber Scaffolding

TransCanada’s heavy machinery operating a mere 60 feet from timber scaffolding as nine brave blockaders remain in their tree blockade for the fifth straight day. The excavator machines are so close that they are kicking up plumes of dust through the scaffolding.

UPDATE: 3:00PM – TransCanada Has Built a Dirt Road Up to the Tree Blockade – Trucks Arriving

TransCanada has clear-cut enough land and leveled it to allow vehicles without treads to pull directly up to the tree blockade. Contract workers with TransCanada have pulled up in a pickup truck to watch the clear-cutting operation. Wood County Sheriff still on the scene. 

UPDATE: 2:00PM – Sheriff and Two Police Roaming Through Tree Village 

UPDATE: 1:30PM – Heavy Machinery and Police Approaching Tree Blockade – Blockaders Try to Stop Them

Heavy machinery approaching tree village as peaceful blockaders try to delay them. TransCanada’s private security guards are moving in on our blockaders.

UPDATE: 9AM – Helicopters Circling Low Over Tree Village – Chainsaws Buzzing Nearby

TransCanada’s destruction is at our doorstep.  We have successfully held the tree blockade for 5 days but with mixed emotions. While we are proud to say that our friends are holding strong in the trees, we are deeply saddened by the mass devastation that has finally arrived at our doorstep. Our hearts go out to thousands of landowners that have to see this happen to their homes.

Keystone XL is slated to cut a 110-foot wide scar 1,700 miles through America’s heartland. Millions of homes and trees are being plowed to make way for this toxic pipeline. These pictures speak for themselves.

See more photos on our flickr stream. 

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