Actions Springing Up for a Tar Sands Free Northeast

This week, communities across the Northeast are organizing protests to produce one voice in opposition to all tar sands pipelines. Here’s a snapshot of what happened yesterday. Find a TransCanada investor in your area and take action.

Burlington, Vermont Pledge of Resistance

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Rising Tide Vermont and 350 Vermont organized a flash mob in downtown Burlington to say no more pipelines, highlighting the dependency of tar sands extraction on natural gas from fracking to be viable and profitable at the expense of the health of local communities. Over 50 people pledged to an escalating campaign of resistance against all pipelines and, as a first step, they will be joining the action and organizing outreach to working class communities in Portland, Maine this Saturday.

Tar Sands Free Northeast Bangor, Maine

35 people braved the cold yesterday to rally in Bangor, Maine in front of the TD Bank headquarters. TD Bank is a major investor in TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline.

ME protest

Speakers included folks from 350 Maine, Maine Peace Action, Stop the East-West Corridor, and C.A.R.E., the divestment group at Colby College.


The group marched to Representative Mike Michaud’s office in downtown Bangor where 10 people went in to demand a tar sands free Northeast. Additional people went on the local Federal Building to meet with staff representing Senators Angus King and Susan Collins. Local radio and TV covered the rally, march and office visits.

Hands Across the Connecticut River

About 30 people from Vermont and New Hampshire gathered on a bridge over the Connecticut River, about 100 yards away from where the Trailbreaker pipeline crosses the river. The Trailbreaker project would reverse the flow of two existing oil pipelines to allow transport of tar sands from Alberta through Montreal to Portland, Maine for export.

NE protest

Photo by Roger Hughes


No Tar Sands Picket at Mobile Station in Amherst, Massachusetts 

MA protest

Over 50 people rallied yesterday at three different ExxonMobil gas stations in Amherst. The prostests included 30 students marching in black as a human pipeline from the University of Massachuset to the Amherst Common. ExxonMobil is being targeted due to its partnership with Enbridge to fund the Trailbreaker project, which would utilize a pipeline built during World War II to transport tar sands.


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