Video: Texas Residents React to KXL South Startup — Call for Solidarity

After years of community resistance, TransCanada recently announced that the Keystone XL South tar sands pipeline in Texas and Oklahoma will startup around January 22, 2014.

Watch this video of East Texas residents most impacted by the threat of toxic tar sands spills react to the announcement on this Al Jazeera America coverage “Controversy Surrounds Keystone XL Pipeline,” dated Dec. 23, 2013.

Below is a call for solidarity actions from East Texas residents with NacSTOP (Nacogdoches Stop. Tar sands. Oil. Permanently.)

Hello Folks,

For the last three years we’ve been working in East Texas to prevent the southern segment of the Keystone XL pipeline from bringing tar sands through our community and others like it.  We have opposed Keystone XL because of it’s potential to impact our lives and because of the unimaginable impacts already being lived by indigenous populations in Alberta where tar sands is extracted.  It’s been a long journey with many celebrations, setbacks, and new friendships and alliances.

Together, with many courageous individuals and groups from all over the US, we have worked to stop the construction and operation of Keystone XL South.

According to TransCanada’s press releases, the southern arm of the Keystone XL Pipeline will begin full operation on January 22nd. A week from now tar sands will flow through our community. As you may know, there are serious safety concerns associated with the construction of KXL South.  A toxic product will flow through our communities in a pipeline that has been identified as having major flaws.  We are dissatisfied with the process that allows this pipeline to begin operation, we are frustrated that landowner rights and issues related to eminent domain have never been fully resolved, and we are concerned that our communities are not prepared to respond safely to a spill event from this pipeline.

In whatever way you can, we ask that you demonstrate your solidarity with those who face the reality of tar sands in their community and especially those impacted by the start up of Keystone XL South.  Whether it be a solidarity action, letter to the editor, press release, or conversation with a friend we ask that on January 22nd you bring light to all of those impacted by the start up of KXL south, landowners, indigenous people, the wider communities that the pipeline crosses, rural and communities of color, and the many natural habitats that this industry impacts.

Please do not let our story go untold.

If you do participate in a solidarity action please send us images to vbaggett[at] so that we can share your support with communities along the route of Keystone XL South.

Thank you all for all of the work that you do,

NacSTOP (Nacogdoches Stop. Tar sands. Oil. Permanently.)

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