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URGENT: Help Our Brothers and Sisters in West Virginia.

Twenty environmental activists are jailed in West Virginia after the Radical Action for Mountain People’s Survival kicked off Saturday. The RAMPS campaign successfully shut down the largest mountaintop removal site in a bold, unapologetic and historic direct action in front of Appalachia’s Hobet Mine. The activists are being held on charges of obstruction and trespassing …

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Texas Landowner Halts TransCanada Surveyors in Their Tracks

  A courageous Texas Landowner defends her property from the Keystone XL Gulf Coast pipeline segment. And we’re hoping it doesn’t stop with her. This powerful three minute video is a blueprint for all landowners who feel violated by TransCanada’s land acquisition process, and want nothing more than protection from the threats associated with tar sands. Taking …

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Press Release: Tar Sands Blockade Sends President Obama a Message

  The Tar Sands Blockade Send Obama A Message: No Tar Sands, No Keystone XL Gulf Coast Segment in Texas, No Way. Contact:  Ricardo Correa  in Austin July 17, 2012. Interviews available via phone anytime and in person starting at 2:30 outside City Hall July 17, 2012, Austin, TX    Tar Sands Blockade is gathering …

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