How Can We Trust You, TransCanada?

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June 16, 2013

For the past few weeks the East Texas Observer has been driving the East Texas roads crossed by the Keystone XL pipeline. What the Observer has seen would be unbelievable to most people.

Beginning in Saltillo, and following the path of the KXL down through Winnsboro, then south to Cherokee County, the pipeline excavations are visible at over 90% of the road crossings. Based on this observation, one has to wonder how much is being excavated back on property unseen from the road?

TransCanada’s spokesperson Shawn Howard is quoted as saying he didn’t know how many anomalies there are in total, but said the company is fixing nine separate sections in Texas. In an email he wrote this:

By law, we are required to replace a minimum of nine feet – meaning that in total we are replacing about 81 feet of pipeline.”

Shawn Howard also told the Longview, Texas, News-Journal that inspections had revealed “small imperfections” in the pipe.

Wait a minute… is this the same TransCanada spokesperson Shawn Howard who said this about the peaceful, non-violent protests of the Tar Sands Blockade?

During construction, we have encountered a number of confrontations and trespasses on the company’s right-of-way (employees/contractors being grabbed, threats of serious physical harm and violence) that have required our company to take additional security precautions.”

You know, TransCanada, when your statements are so easily proven false, one has to wonder why anyone should trust your company when it claims to be building the “safest pipeline ever”.

The East Texas Observer encourages you to watch the videos if you are interested in truth.

KXL, Lies & Videotape

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