Week of Action Kicks Off With Creativity Across the Country

The Stop Tar Sands Profiteers Week of Action kicked off with some amazing creativity across the country: St. Patty’s day parades in Boston, green revelers stopping buses full of oil execs in New Orleans, picturesque canyon banner drops in Utah, and a overpass light brigade in Wisconsin. Join an action near you.

Sunday, March 17 – New Orleans, Oil Execs Get a Big St. Patrick’s Day Surprise

River Delta Resist! held a rally in protest of the Howard Weil Energy Conference, host to such big oil players as BP, Shell, Valero, and other investors in tar sands and extraction industries. The group disguised as St. Patrick’s day revelers successfully blocked two buses full of oil executives and disrupted corporate dinners throughout the French Quarter,  and marched throughout the city.

NOLA St. Patrick's Day

nola blockader


Sunday, March 17 – Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Green activists march in the traditional Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade as part of a Climate Justice division. Marchers grooved to the Soul ‘n Roll band Melodeego and engaged the crowd with anti-tar sands call and response chants. Well done Veterans for Peace!

St. Patty's Boston ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Saturday, March 16 – Banner Drop in Grand County, Utah

Activists from Grand County, Utah drop a large banner along the route of a popular annual half marathon. Canyon Country Rising Tide, Before It Starts, and individuals who came together for a series of events in Moab, Utah unfurled this banner to raise awareness about the first-ever large scale tar sands mine in the U.S., which U.S. Oil Sands Inc. plans to build just 60 miles from where this photo was taken.

Check out this local blog for stunning photos and the local chatter about the banner.

Utah banner drop


Saturday, March 16 – Wisconsin Activists have a Message for Obama

On Saturday evening, in West Allis, WI, members from the group Overpass Light Brigade (OLB), met above a busy overpass to spell out their message to the president loud and clear. The words “Block Keystone XL” could be seen by passing motorists.

WI light brigade

And check out the video they made:

Block the Keystone XL Pipeline from Occupy Riverwest on Vimeo.

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