Tree Blockade Standing Strong Despite Repression (Day 13)

UPDATE 9:45PM – BREAKING VIDEO: “Police Officers” Use Ladder to Climb into Tree Blockade 

Two “police officers” climbed a timber scaffolding on a ladder to “chat” with our tree blockaders. When asked for their badge numbers they refused to identify themselves. There are three possible scenarios here:

A. Police officers are illegally refusing to identify themselves and provide badge numbers.

B. Civilians are illegally impersonating a police officer and need to be arrested.
C. They are police officers outside of their jurisdiction operating in Wood County.

These two unidentified individuals were using a ladder stolen from a nearby landowners private property to climb up the timber scaffolding.

Call the Wood County Sheriff Department now and demand some action be taken against these two unidentified individuals: 903-763-2201

Streaming live video by Ustream

UPDATE 6:00PM – Police Have Stolen a Ladder From a Nearby Landowners Private Property

UPDATE 5:00PM – TransCanada Has Removed All Heavy Machinery From the Site

Despite police repression and TransCanada’s heavy surveillance the tree blockade has held strong for 13 days. Here’s a video compilation of some of the last few weeks.

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