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Tar Sands Blockade has taken numerous direct actions against the toxic Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and other tar sands infrastructure in Texas. We’ve also taken part in actions organized by/with other groups, organized solidarity actions, and we’ve seen other grassroots direct action campaigns against tar sands form. Here’s a chronology of some of the highlights:


Aug 16 – Keystone XL Construction Begins, Met By Day of Action Across Texas and Oklahoma

Aug 28 – Seven Arrested for Blockading KXL Pipe Truck in Livingston, TX (Action Video)


Sept 5 – Three Blockaders Lock Themselves to KXL Heavy Machinery in Saltillo, TX

Sept 19 – Five Blockaders Arrested for Stopping Work at KXL Construction Site Winnsboro, TX 

Sept 24 – Eight People Climb Trees And Start Indefinite Tree Sit to Stop Keystone XL

Sept 25 – Benjamin and Shannon Lock Themselves to KXL Machinery to Defend Tree Blockade

Sept 25 – TransCanada Actively Encouraged Torture Tactics to Be Used on Peaceful Protestors

Sept 27 – TransCanada Worker Attempts to Drop Tree on Peaceful Blockader


Oct 1 – Winnsboro Tree Blockade Weathers an Intense Week

Oct 1 – Blockader Locks Himself to Underground Capsule in Path of KXL to Protect Family Farm

Oct 2 – Texan Climbs 40 Foot Pole in Path of Keystone XL Clear Cut to Defend Tree Blockade + (Action Video)

Oct 4 – Maggie Arrested After Sitting On a 40 Foot Pole to Delay KXL Clear-Cutting for Two Entire Days

Oct 4 – Daryl Hannah and Eleanor Fairchild a 78 Year Old Landowner Arrested for “Trespassing” on Her Farm

Oct 5 – Over 50 Organizations Sign Letter of Solidarity with Tar Sands Blockade + Denounce Police Brutality 

Oct 9 – Two Freelance Journalists Arrested While Reporting on Tree Blockade

Oct 11- Texas Man Climbs Tree in Nature Preserve in Path to Stop KXL

Oct 11 – Police Paid by TransCanada Detain New York Times Journalists on Private Property

Oct 15 – Mass Action: Over 50 Enter Tree Blockade in Defiance of Police Repression to Defend Tree-Sitters

Oct 24 – Cherri Foytlin, Gulf Coast Oilfield Wife and Mother, Chains Self to KXL Pipeyard Gate

Oct 24 – Winnsboro Tree Blockade Sustains an Entire Month of Resistance + Two More Join Blockade

Oct 31 – Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party Pres. Candidate Arrested for Resupplying Winnsboro Tree Blockade

Oct 31 – Two Arrested for Delaying KXL Construction With a New Tree Blockade in Sacul, Texas


Nov 15 – Over 40 Solidarity Actions Launch Worldwide to Defend Climate Change + More Solidarity Actions

Nov 19 – Mass Action: 120 People Stop KXL Construction: Four Lock to Machinery, Nacogdoches Student and Two Others Launch New Tree Blockade

Nov 25 – Welcome to Manchester, a Houston Neighborhood Living in the Shadow of Valero

Nov 29 – Diane Wilson and Bob Lindsey Launch Sustained Hunger Strike with Blockade at Valero Refinery in Houston


Dec 3 – Three People Barricade Themselves Inside Keystone XL Pipe To Halt Construction 

Dec 9 – Houston Hunger Strike Marks 11 Days

Dec 11 – Judge Halts Construction of KXL On Landowner’s Renewable Biofuels Farm

Dec 27 – Manchester Community Puts New Demands on Valero, Hunger Strike Marks 29 Days


Jan 3 – Tree Blockade in Diboll, TX Halts KXL Construction in Solidarity with Idle No More Indigenous Movement

Jan 7 – Mass Action: Over 100 People Storm TransCanada and KXL Offices in Houston

Jan 10 – Rally with Indigenous Leaders on the KXL Easement in Oklahoma

Jan 14 – Diboll, Texas Tree Blockade Continues to Halt Construction in Angelina County

Jan 15 – Bob and Diane Announce End to Hunger Strike on 45th Day

Jan 24 – Statement of Solidarity With Worldwide Tar Sands Resistance + Actions in the Northeast  

Jan 26 – Banners Dropped in Texas in Solidarity with 1,000 People Rallying Against Tar Sands in Portland, Maine

Jan 31 – Blockader Disrupts Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference


Feb 4 – Norman, Oklahoma Resident Elizabeth Leja Locks Her Neck to KXL Machinery in Oklahoma (Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

Feb 4 – TSB Unites with Indigenous Leaders from the Achuar & Shuar Tribes to Stop Ecuador’s Amazon Oil Auction

Feb 11 – Lifelong Oklahoman Youth Pastor Suspended and Locked to KXL Machinery (Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

Feb 12 – 48 Arrested at White House Fence In Opposition to Keystone XL

Feb 17 – Forward on Climate Rally in DC: Voices of Resistance: Four Women Tell Why They’re Rallying in D.C.

Feb 19 – Ohio Residents Shut Down a Frack Waste Storage Facility in Ohio with Monopod and Banner Drops (Appalachia Resist!)

Feb 28 – Activist Disrupts TransCanada Presentation At Industry Marketing Conference

MARCH 2013

March 7-9 – “Moccasins on the Ground” training to Protect Sacred Water in South Dakota

March 11 – Over 100 Hold a “Funeral For Our Future” at TransCanada Office Outside Boston (Tar Sands Action)

March 16-23 – Stop Tar Sands Profiteers Week of Action a Huge Success with 55 Actions Across the Continent!

March 16, 17 – Week of Action Kicks Off With Creativity Across The Country

March 18 – Blockades and Bikes From Coast to Coast

March 19 – TD Bank Slammed as Tar Sands Profiteer

March 20 – TransCanada Office Shut Down – Big Banks Called Out For Bankrolling Coal & KXL

March 21 – Twenty Arrested at Two Separate KXL Protests in DC – Hundreds March with Idle No More in Seattle

March 22 – Asheville Protesters Shut Down TD Bank, Four Arrested. Two arrested at TC office in Westborough

March 23 – Over 60 People Blockade Chevron Tar Sands Refinery in Utah — NYC and DC Call Out TD Bank

March 27 – Activist Climbs Flagpole Outside LyondellBasell, Hangs Banner Denouncing Investment in Tar Sands

APRIL 2013

April 6 – Blockader Disrupts Valero-Sponsored Golf Tournament, Demands Accountability for Manchester

April 9 – Oklahoma Grandmother Locks Herself to KXL Heavy Machinery in Solidarity With Affected Arkansas Residents (Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

April 16 – Two Lifelong Oklahomans Halt Construction of Keystone XL Work Site (Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

April 22 – Activist Locks Himself to Keystone XL Heavy Machinery Launching a “Red River Showdown” Over KXL South (Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

April 25 – The “Red River Showdown” Continues! – Blockader Encases Arm in Concrete and Shuts Down Work on KXL (Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

April 29 – Two Texans Lock Down to Protect Cross Timbers from Tar Sands (Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

MAY 2013

May 13 – Fourth Generation Oklahoman Catholic Worker Locks Himself to KXL Machinery (Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

May 14 – TransCanada Reps Kicked Out of Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation (Cheyenne River Sioux)

May 14 – Holly and Baily “I am blockading Tar Sands because I am blockading indifference, I am blockading passivity” (Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

May 27 – Indigenous Activists Living In “Chemical Valley” Disrupt Pro-Tar Sands Conference (Coalition Against Line 9)

JUNE 2013

June 14-17 – Moccasins on the Ground: It’s About Survival (Owe Aku)

June 20 – Swamp Line 9 – a New Blockade to Halt Tar Sands in Enbridge’s Line 9 Pipeline (Swamp Line 9)

June 20-29 – Fearless Summer Week of Action & Week 2 Update

June 24 – “Construction of Keystone XL Pump Station Shut Down in Largest Action Yet by Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance” (Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

June 25 – Injunction Served on Line 9 blockaders, Entire Camp Resisting, 4 Locked Down (Swamp Line 9)

June 28 – TD Bank Divestment from Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline a Hoax Conducted by Tar Sands Blockade Activists

JULY 2013

July 5 & 6 – Tar Sands Healing Walk (Healing Walk)

July 22 – MI-CATS Reports: Activists Block Tar Sands Pipeline (Michigan CATS)

July 29 – TWAC Attacks TransCanada (Trans* and Womyn’s Action Camp)

July 29 – ACTION To Stop Tar Sands Mining in Utah (Peaceful Uprising & Canyon Country Rising Tide)


Aug 12 – Rising Tide Philly Rallies at TD Bank HQ (Rising Tide Philly)


Sept 16 – MI CATS Scratch Back At Enbridge (Michigan CATS)

Sept 20 – Rising Tide Philly Draws the Line At TD Bank (Rising Tide Philly)

Sept 21 – The People’s Eminent Domain: Tar Sands Blockade Condemns Keystone XL Project Director’s Home

Sept 21 – Alabama Residents Draw the Line on Tar Sands on Mobile Bay (MEJA Coalition)

Sept 23 – Rally and Vigil in Dallas Protests Exxon’s Negligence in Mayflower Spill


Oct 7 – Letter from Mi’kmaq Delivered to Southwestern Energy HQ in Houston

Oct 19- Tar Sands Blockade FOIAs PHSMA

Oct 21 – Maine Trans And/Or Women’s Action Camp Occupying Irving Corporations Portsmouth, NH Headquarters (Trans* and Womyn’s Action Camp)

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