Statement of Solidarity with Worldwide Tar Sands Resistance

Tar Sands Blockade stands with the rising tide of opposition erupting across the continent against tar sands, the wider fossil fuel industry, and the systematic, corporate pillage of the planet. Fighting tar sands is a crucial battle for environmental resistance, and we as inhabitants of the Earth are taking action against the destructive practices of resource extraction, to protect our communities, make our voices heard, and continue the struggle for a livable planet. The climate crisis is being felt by millions of people around the world and the movement to resist ecocide is coming to a loud and important peak. We express solidarity and the deepest spiritual connection with anyone, anywhere, trying in any way to make the world a better place for all beings and future generations.

Tar Sands Free Northeast – People from across New England, Quebec and Ontario  are joining together to fight the proposed Enbridge Trailbreaker Project, coordinating actions across the region to demand that President Obama not issue a Presidential Permit for the project and that the Canadian government and National Energy Board hear the will of the people and not approve the plan. Because Trailbreaker is being retrofitted from a natural gas pipeline, a change in the direction of the flow and the product it carries doesn’t require Enbridge to comply with stricter environmental and structural standards. These ongoing protests will culminate in a mass action on January 26th in Portland, Maine. For more information and list of actions visit:

Idle No More – We stand by our sisters and brothers who have long been fighting for the rights of First Nations and indigenous communities of North America. The Idle No More movement is nothing new, but rather the latest re-emergence of an ancient tradition of  indigenous resistance to the destructive forces of colonization. Idle No More is about protecting the land and the water, so that there is a future for the people of this planet. It formed in response to Bill C-45 which negated the Navigable Waters Act and removed protections for many waters that go through First Nations, reducing the number of protected lakes from 30,000 to just 97, and the number of protected rivers from two million to 62. We see our work as furthering the goals of this crucial movement and following the example of indigenous peoples. For more info, check out:

Unis’tot’en Camp – In their effort to protect and preserve the sovereign Wet’suwet’en territory from several proposed pipelines – from the Tar Sands Gigaproject and shale gas to hydraulic fracturing (fracking) projects in the Peace River Region – the Unis’tot’en clan has taken an active stance of resistance to the further destruction of sacred indigenous land.To find out more, visit:

Pipe Up Against Enbridge – Our allies in British Columbia are taking a stand against the Pacific Trails Project, which consists of two Enbridge pipelines: one to carry tar sand bitumen west from Alberta to a tanker port in British Colombia, the other to carry condensate east for use in diluting tar sands crude. More information at:

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