Breaking: Maine Trans And/Or Women’s Action Camp Occupying Irving Corporations Portsmouth, NH Headquarters

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UPDATE: TWAC arrestees are out of jail!

UPDATE 12:52pm: All cop cars are gone. Unconfirmed belief that pain compliance was used to remove the lockdowners.

UPDATE 11:46am: Cops have the whole building blocked off, no visuals on the lockdowners

UPDATE 11:43am: oil has mysteriously spilled on Irving’s private parking lot

UPDATE 11:42am: all protesters, except those locked have been removed from the premises.

UPDATE 11:37am: Lock downers are under arrest, but are still locked in.

UPDATE 11:29am: Irving owns the parking lot to the building, outside protesters are being told they will be arrested if they don’t leave the property.

UPDATE 11:21am: Chief of police has just arrived

UPDATE 11:18am: Two banners dropped at near by bridges

“Irving, exploiting native land and water”

“Fracking: Drilling, Killing, Spilling”

UPDATE 11:12am: protesters pushed out of building by police leaving lockdowners with out any support

Call Portsmouth police to demand they release the arrested protesters without charges! (603) 436-2511

UPDATE 11:05am: Direct support for the lockdowners have been arrested, other support pushed outside the building.

UPDATE 11:02am: First arrest has been made

UPDATE 11:01am: police have arrived, threatening arrest.

UPDATE 11:00am: banner inside Irving headquarters

TWAC lockdowners occupying Irving Corp’s headquarters in solidarity with the Mi’kmaq and Elsipogtog First Nations.


In solidarity with New Brunswick First Nation’s Fracking Protest

BREAKING Portsmouth, New Hampshire Irving Corporation Headquarters: this morning dozens of activists participating in the Trans and/or Women’s Action camp (TWAC) are occupying an Irving Corporation Headquarters. Dozens of activists are currently occupying the office to present their demands to Irving officials. Ten activists are “locked down” using a combination of lock boxes and u-lock kryptonite bike locks. These activists will occupy the office until demands are met or they are forcibly removed. This action comes after a three day long event where women, transgender, gender queer, and gender variant activists from Maine and other parts of the North East come together to learn political organizing skills with a focus on direct action civil disobedience. Protesters have brought a list of demands and refuse to leave the building until they speak with Kevin Flemming, Chief Strategy Officer, David Glassberg, Chief Legal and Governance Officer, or another high ranking Irving official. This office occupation is in solidarity with the Mi’kmaq First Nation’s current road blockade in Elsipogtog, a protest against fracking exploration by SWN Resources Canada that is currently taking place on their traditional lands without their consent.

The Mi’kmaq First Nations have been defending their land with a road blockade since September 30th. On October 17th there was a violent attempt to raid their encampment by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Irving oil supports fracking exploration on First Nations land by allowing SWN Resources to store their equipment in an Irving owned compound, and reports state that natural gas that comes off of Elsipogtog land would go to the Irving refinery in New Brunswick. Please see our attached list of demands for more information on Irving’s practices.

“What is happening to the Mi’kmaq and Elsipogtog First Nations in New Brunswick is horrific. The indigenous people of this continent have experienced violent occupation and genocide for over 500 years, and the situation in New Brunswick is a continuation of that occupation and genocide. The very least we can do as non-native allies is put our legal status on the line to expose Irving’s connection to this horrific situation and learn how to most effectively be non-compliant to the colonial domination of indigenous people. The Canadian government and all corporations involved need to respect indigenous sovereignty and immediately stop any fracking exploration.” -Christine Allium, TWAC Organizer.

TWAC Maine supports indigenous sovereignty, community self reliance, healthy and flourishing ecosystems, an end to corporate domination, and racial and gender justice.

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