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Dozens Against Keystone Pipeline Rally Behind Texoma Man on Trial – KTEN TV (10/23/14)

Ripple Effects of Keystone XL – Alberta Primetime (5/8/14)

New Documentary on Keystone XL Protesters – MSNBC (4/12/14)

The Shocking Move to Criminalize Non-Violent Protest – Will Potter TED Talk (3/18/14)

Texas Segment of Keystone XL Pipeline Starts Flowing – Texas Observer (1/22/14)

The Grassroots Battle Against Big Oil – The Nation (10/8/13)

Slow and Steady Wins the Anti-Keystone XL Race – The American Prospect (8/15/13)

TransCanada Is Secretly Briefing Police About Keystone XL Protests and Urging Terrorism Prosecutions – Green is the New Red (6/12/13)

The Fossil Fuel Resistance: Meet the New Green Heroes – Tar Sands Blockade– Rolling Stone (4/11/13)

Exxon’s Disaster Relief – Colbert Report (4/9/13)

Exxon turns to paper towels for oil spill clean up – The Rachel Maddow Show (4/8/13)

Using her body to stop Keystone XL – Vancouver Observer (2/06/13)

TransCanada Wins Deal to Halt Keystone Protests in Texas – Bloomberg (1/28/13)

Temor a más contaminación en el East End – La Voz de Houston (1/26/13)

Occupy Wall Street Radio Interview with Chickadee – WBAI Pacifica Radio NYC (1/07/13)

Our Top 12 of 2012 – Waging Nonviolence (12/31/12)

Texas Man Takes Last Stand Against Keystone XL Pipeline – All Things Considered (12/25/13)

Pipeline Protest Draws Pepper Spray From Deputies – New York Times (11/23/12)

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein charged with trespassing in Keystone XL protest – Washington Post (10/31/12)

Countdown to Armageddon – subMedia (10/17/12)

Drawing a Line in the (Tar) Sand – Fort Worth Weekly (10/17/12)

Texas Landowners Join Environmentalists for Historic Blockade of Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline – Democracy Now! (10/15/12)

Keystone XL pipeline opponents turn to civil disobedience – Washington Post (10/15/12)

Last-Ditch Bid in Texas to Try to Stop Oil Pipeline – New York Times (10/12/12)

New Keystone pipeline route proposed; activists block Texas site– Los Angeles Times (9/5/12)

Keystone XL pipeline construction begins amid protests – Los Angeles Times (8/16/12)

Drawing a Line in the (Tar) Sand

More Tar Sands Blockade in the News:

Sunoco: Revised estimate of oil spilled is now up to 4,500 barrels – KSLA TV (11/1/14)

Climate Activist Argues Resistance Is Necessary to Protect the Public Trust – Waging Nonviolence (10/17/14)

How Putin Became a Central Figure in the First Ever Vote to Ban Fracking in Texas – This Changes Everything (10/15/14)

While’s There’s Still Hope – Fort Worth Weekly (9/17/14)

Uprooting the Liberal Climate Agenda – Counterpunch (8/17/14)

TransCanada Shuts Down Southern Leg of Keystone XL Pipeline, Raising “Suspicions” – DeSmogBlog (6/3/14)

Questions Raised About Integrity of Keystone XL’s Southern Route After Conditions Added for Northern Leg – DeSmogBlog (6/3/14)

New Film Destroys TransCanada’s Sunny Keystone PR Campaign – (5/20/14)

Above All Else – Global Television (5/8/14)

Festival preview: Doc about Keystone pipeline opens Global Visions fest – Edmonton Journal (5/7/14)

Interview with Matt Almonte – Which Side Podcast (4/14/14)

Keystone XL: The Movie & the Movement – This American Land (4/10/14)

Film Review: ‘Above All Else’ – Variety (3/28/14)

Filmmaker Chronicles anti-Keystone XL Pipeline Movement in Texas – 88.9 KETR NPR (3/19/14)

FBI Held 2012 Strategy Meeting with TransCanada, Industry Partners – Earth Island Journal (3/13/14)

A Discussion with Garrett Graham – Film & Festival Express (3/9/14)

Above All Else: The Beauty & Tragedy of Tar Sands Blockade (#SXSW) – FireDogLake (3/7/14)

Whistleblower Evan Voke’s Evidence Against TransCanada Whitewashed By Regulators – DeSmogBlog (3/7/14)

Manchester, Texas Joins Grassroots Movement Against Keystone XL – Grassroots Change (3/5/14)

Historic Climate Action Shows Millennials Ready to Fight for their Future – Waging Nonviolence (3/4/14)

Episode 5- Tar Sands Blockade – Ears to the Ground (2/19/14)

Keystone PipeLIES Exposed: The Fact Is that KXL Can Be Stopped – The Progressive/PR Watch (2/13/14)

Keystone XL and Tar Sands: Voices From the Front Lines – The Nation (2/4/14)

Progressives Chime in on the State of the Union – Common Dreams (1/28/14)

Why the Smartphone Became the Lightsaber of the Environmental Justice Movement – Yes! Magazine (1/24/14)

TransCanada’s Keystone XL South Pipeline Set To Begin Operations Today – DeSmogBlog (1/22/14)

Obama and Climate Change: The Real Story – Rolling Stone (12/17/13)

Federal Pipeline Safety Agency Approves Startup of Keystone XL Southern Half – DeSmogBlog (12/12/13)

Tar Sands Extraction In the US: The War Comes Home – Earth First! Newswire (12/5/13)

Tar Sands Blockade – Air Occupy (12/3/13)

“Just the Reality:” Pipeline Safety Official Admits He’d Avoid Buying A Home Near Pipelines Like Keystone XL – DeSmogBlog (12/3/13)

Activist Malpractice – CounterPunch (11/28/13)

“Why should I forgive you after all that I’ve seen?” Refineries and resistance in Texas – Platform London (11/28/13)

Thank You Activists – Air Occupy (11/28/13)

The Climate Movement Needs to Stop “Winning” – Huffington Post (11/25/13)

I fought the law and, actually, I won: How one lawyer helps protesters – Grist (11/25/13)

Are State Officials Withholding Vital Information from the Mayflower Oil Spill?– (11/20/13)

In a Matter of Weeks, Crude Oil Will Flow Through the Keystone Pipeline in Texas – Dallas Observer (11/06/13)

Confronting the Pipedream: Part 5 – Interview with Cindy Spoon of the Tar Sands Blockade – Confronting the Pipedream (11/05/13)

Has civil disobedience become too predictable? – Waging Nonviolence (11/05/13)

Green activists navigate life in the post-privacy era – Grist (11/01/13)

Take Your Pipeline and Shove It: Rising Tide Protesters Build Pipeline Through Offices of TD Ameritrade – Seattle Free Press (10/30/13)

Hey Russell Brand, The Revolution Is Over Here! Come Join Us! – Yes! Magazine (10/29/13)

Is Professional Activism Getting in the Way of Real Change? – Alternet (10/29/13)

Interview: Garrett Graham and Blockadia Rising – Earth First! Journal (10/23/13)

Building a Culture of Mass Resistance to Climate Disruption – Grist (10/14/13)

US Court: TransCanada’s Keystone XL Profits More Important than Environment – DesmogBlog (10/13/13)

The Climate Movement’s Pipeline Preoccupation – Earth Island Journal/Waging Nonviolence (10/8/13)

Timeline of the Climate Movement: How Direct Action Took Center Stage – YES! Magazine (10/2/13)

Strategies for Ecosocialists – The Indypendent (10/2/13)

Oil Shock – Australian TV – SBS Dateline (10/1/13)

Occupy’s Legacy: A Massive Burbling of Possibilities – The Indypendent (9/27/13)

Climate Change Movement Shifts to Convey Urgency – Truthout (9/26/13)

Meet the People Who Will Bear Some of the Worst Effects of the Keystone XL Pipeline – Alternet (9/25/13)

Do the Math – Al Jazeera America (9/22/13)

Two Years After Occupy Wall Street, a Network of Offshoots Continue Activism for the 99% – Democracy Now! (9/19/2013)

Southern Leg of Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Flunks Climate Test Too – Truthout (9/18/13)

#FearlessSummer: How the Battle to Stop Climate Change Got Ferocious – YES! Magazine (9/10/13)

Direct action on Line 9: Moving beyond Keystone and Northern Gateway – (9/08/13)

INVESTIGATION: The Flip Side Of Obama’s Keystone XL Delay – Mint Press News (9/7/13)

Tar Sands Drones are on Their Way – (8/22/13)

Green Scare Lite – CounterPunch (8/21/13)

Petrochemical Bombardment on Latino Barrio Intensifies: Keystone XL Adds to the Misery – Huffington Post (8/20/13)

Dear Chris Hayes: Good Job. Now Let’s Get Real. – The Nation (8/19/13)

The United Resistance of Fearless Summer — a conversation with Mathew Louis-Rosenberg – Waging Nonviolence (8/19/13)

Civil Disobedience and the Keystone XL Pipeline – DC Bureau (8/18/13)

Movements Without Leaders – Tom Dispatch (8/18/13)

With Impending Court Cases, Tar Sands Blockade Issues Call for Donations – Earth First! Journal (8/15/2013)

Undercover agents infiltrate anti-Keystone protests – Grist (8/13/13)

Undercover Agents Infiltrated Tar Sands Resistance Camp to Break up Planned Protest – Earth Island Journal (8/12/13)

Report: Undercover Officers Infiltrated Tar Sands Resistance Camp to Thwart Protest – Democracy Now! (8/12/13)

Whistleblower, Landowners: TransCanada is Botching the Job on Keystone XL Pipeline – Texas Observer (8/9/13)

Can activists win the PR battle with the fossil fuel industry? – Waging Nonviolence/Earth Island Journal (8/6/13)

The Naïveté We Need: Notes on a Climate Action – The Nation (7/30/13)

Looking for ‘Climate Justice’ on Houston’s East Side – The Nation (7/25/13)

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Planet – PolicyMic (7/24/13)

Standing on the Land to Stand Up Against Pipelines: A Report from Unist’ot’en Camp – Crimethinc (7/9/13)

TD Bank Press Release Hoax Raises Question Of Why Companies Invest In Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline – Think Progress (6/28/13)

Environmental group targets bank in Keystone XL hoax – NewsOK (6/28/13)

TD Bank Gets Punked: Tar Sands Blockade Highlights Bank’s Tar Sands Support – Common Dreams (6/28/13)

The Wonderful American World of Informers and Agents Provocateurs – The Nation (6/27/13)

Protesters in Richardson take aim at federal agency, tar sands – Dallas Business Journal (6/20/13)

Smash the State Report: June 14, 2013 and an Interview w Poet Janice Lee[email protected] Radio (6/14/13)

An Intimate Look Inside the Climate Justice Movement – YES! Magazine (6/14/13)

Terrifying/hilarious TransCanada docs call Keystone XL protesters terrorists – Grist (6/13/13)

Keystone XL Activists Labeled Possible Eco-Terrorists in Internal TransCanada Documents – DesmogBlog (6/13/13)

Police Trained to Treat Keystone XL Protesters as ‘Terrorists’ – Alternet (6/13/13)

TransCanada prepped local police for prosecuting pipeline foes – E&E Daily (6/11/13)

Friday Film Pick: Blockadia Rising: Voices of the Tar Sands Blockade – Art Threat (6/07/13)

Lockdown: Troublemakers Stop Tar Sands Pipeline – subMedia (6/05/13)

Dirty Details: Dents, Faulty Welds Found Along Keystone XL Southern Half in Texas – DeSmogBlog (6/3/13)

#3: Luddites and Lockdowns and Lugals, Oh My! – The Crimethinc Ex-Worker (6/02/13)

Fracking the Suburbs: An Explosive Combination? – YES! Magazine (5/15/13)

Visiting the Unist’ot’en Spring Camp on the Building Resistance Tour – (5/13/13)

Thoreau’s Radicalism and the Fight Against the Fossil-Fuel Industry – The Nation (5/07/13)

Video: Tar Sands Blockade – National Review (5/06/13)

Another Government Is Necessary: The People Can Rule Better Than the Elites – Truthout (4/30/13)

Keystone XL oil would be processed in sick East Texas community – Grist (4/29/13)

In Oklahoma, Blockader Encases Arm in Concrete to Halt Keystone XL Construction – (4/26/13)

Interview with a Tar Sands Blockader – Raging Pelican (4/23/13)

Block the Flows: Defeating Tar Sands in the U.S. and Canada – Raging Pelican (4/23/13)

Houston’s Most Polluted Neighborhood Draws the Line at Alberta Tar Sands – Yes! Magazine (4/22/13)

Letter from Mayflower, Arkansas: From the Blockade to Mutual Aid – (4/22/13)

Earth Day Exclusive: Tim DeChristopher Speaks Out After 21 Months in Prison for Disrupting Oil Bid – Democracy Now! (4/22/13)

Tim DeChristopher Is a Free Man: ‘We Need a Movement That Gets a Little Bit Out of Control’ – Rolling Stone (4/22/13)

A House Divided: This Time, Between the People and the Corporations – (4/18/13)

Clean-up or cover-up? Latest in Exxon oil spill reveals AG hired firm with oil industry ties, residents are ill and workers misinformed. – Treehugger (4/15/12)

Will Mayflower ever be the same after the Exxon spill? – Arkansas Times (4/11/13)

Keystone XL protestor cleverly disrupts Valero golf tournament, explains how he did it – Grist (4/11/13)

The Fossil Fuel Resistance – Rolling Stone (4/11/13)

News Blackout: Oil Flows Faster than Info About Tar Sands Oil Cleanup in Arkansas – Alternet (4/11/13)

Severe weather threatens Exxon oil spill cleanup, Mayflower residents feel health effects, lawyers discuss class action lawsuit and more – Treehugger (4/10/12)

Arkansas oil spill could be almost 300,000 gallons, video shows oil in wetland – Treehugger (4/08/113)

Activist claims oil spill has reached wetland – KATV (4/08/13)

Oil from Exxon spill in Arkansas flowing into wetlands – RT (4/08/13)

Activists claim Arkansas oil spill diverted into wetland – The Raw Story (4/07/13)

Exxon’s Arkansas oil spill has reached Lake Conway, says Attorney General McDaniel – Treehugger (4/05/13)

As Exxon cleans oil spill in Arkansas, Shell pipeline spills 700 barrels in Houston – Treehugger (4/05/13)

Mayflower, Arkansas “on lockdown” following Exxon oil spill – Treehugger (4/05/13)

Tar Sands Blockade wins sponsorship deal from Kryptonite bike locks – Grist (4/01/13)

Anti-Keystone XL Protester Climbs Flagpole to Denounce Tar Sands Oil – Democracy Now! (3/28/13)

Train Derailment Spills 30,000 Gallons of Oil in Minnesota — Was it Tar Sands? – Alternet (3/28/13)

Protests against tar-sands pipelines heat up in U.S. and Canada – Grist (3/25/13)

Are We Winning the Clean vs. Dirty Energy Battle? – Grist (3/24/13)

Nationwide Protests Escalate Against Keystone XL Pipeline – (3/22/13)

Tar Sands Blockade pressures banks to divest from Keystone XL project, 37 arrested in week of protests – Treehugger (3/20/13)

Tar Sands Resistance Heats Up With Week of Actions From US to Canada – Common Dreams (3/20/13)

Keystone XL protest at TransCanada building in Houston – Houston Chronicle (3/18/13)

Obama: “All of the above,” again and again – Grist (3/17/13)

Protesters target firms angling for a piece of pipeline profits – Grist (3/15/13)

A week of action to stop tar sands profiteers – Waging Nonviolence (3/15/13)

Tar Sands Resistance Escalates in Massachusetts – Truthout (3/12/13)

I pledge allegiance, to resist the pipeline – Waging Nonviolence (3/12/13)

Partial Readings: The Tar Sands Blockade, Indestructible Chávez, Freelancing for Free – Dissent Magazine (3/09/13)

Keystone XL Pipeline Path Marks New Battle Line in Oklahoma – National Geographic Daily News (3/08/13)

Blockadia Rising: Voices of the Tar Sands Blockade – Crooks and Liars (3/04/13)

Another Tar Sands Activist Disrupts Houston Oil Conference – (3/01/13)

Keystone protester puts neck on line, and locks himself to screen – Houston Chronicle – (2/28/13)

Blockadia Rising – subMedia (2/26/13)

Building an Inclusive Climate Movement – The Nation (2/25/13)

Tar Sands Blockaders tell their own story in a new documentary – Grist (2/22/13)

Blockadia Rising: Voices of the Tar Sands Blockade – Common Dreams (2/22/13)

Episode 197 with David Dayen and Jane Kleeb – The Matthew Filipowicz Show (2/19/12)

Obama’s Choice to Alienate Environmental Activists and Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline – Kevin Gosztola (2/18/2013)

Thousands of Climate Change Activists Gather in Washington for ‘Forward On Climate’ Rally – The Nation (2/18/13)

Historic Tar-Sands Action at Obama’s Door – Breaking the Sound Barrier by Amy Goodman (2/15/13)

Exposed: Photos Reveal Daylight in Faulty Welding on Keystone Pipeline – (2/14/13)

Faulty Weld on Keystone XL Compromise Lives of East Texas Community – Common Dreams (2/13/13)

Obama didn’t get the memo: The market doesn’t care about climate change – (2/13/13)

Forty-Eight Arrested as Sierra Club Protests Keystone XL Pipeline and Ends Ban on Civil Disobedience – Kevin Gosztola (2/13/13)

Oklahoma Youth Pastor Suspends & Locks Himself to Keystone XL Pipeline Machinery – Kevin Gosztola (2/11/13)

“That Pipeline Will Not Be Built As Long As I’m Breathing” – subMedia (2/07/13)

Is TransCanada Laying Defective Keystone XL Pipe in Texas? – DeSmogBlog (2/06/13)

Big Steps Forward for US Climate Movement – Grist (2/05/13)

Pressure builds for Obama to link oil sands pipelines to climate change – WV Gazette-Mail McClatchy Newspapers (02/03/13)

Anti-Keystone XL Protester Disrupts TransCanada Speech for Several Minutes – Democracy Now! (2/01/13)

‘Chain But No Key’: KXL Blockader Disrupts TransCanada Meeting – Common Dreams (1/31/13)

Anti-Keystone XL Pipeline Activists Settle TransCanada Lawsuit – Democracy Now! (1/30/13)

Students to Colleges: Take Our Money Out of Dirty Energy – YES! Magazine (1/29/13)

David vs. Goliath: Keystone XL Multinational Bullies Pipeline Protestors into Settlement – Common Dreams (1/29/13)

Protesters reach deal with Canadian pipeline company – Fort Worth Star-Telegram (1/28/13)

One step forward, one step back for tar-sands protesters – Grist (1/28/13)

Multinational Corporation Behind Keystone XL Pipeline Bullies Activists Into Settling Lawsuit – Kevin Gozstola (1/28/2013)

Locked Into a Climate Crisis – The Nation (1/28/13)

State Briefs: Pipeline company reaches deal with protesters – Forth Worth Star-Telegram (1/26/13)

Deal could halt Keystone XL pipeline protests – Houston Chronicle (1/26/13)

Welcome to Blockadia! – Truthout (1/15/13)

Millennials Occupy TransCanada Offices Across the US – The Nation (1/11/13)

Iron Hands Behind the Pine Curtain – Texas Observer (1/10/13)

Tar Sands Blockade back in Oklahoma – NewsOK (1/10/13)

Nacogdoches church welcomes young activists – Red River Radio NPR (1/09/2013)

Letters: ‘Thanks for Tar Sands Blockade support’ – The Baptist Standard (1/08/13)

Keystone XL protesters raid TransCanada’s Houston office – The Raw Story (1/08/13)

Canadian oil sands pollute nearby lakes. Report is blow to Keystone pipeline. – Christian Science Monitor (1/08/13)

Activists Protest Keystone XL at TransCanada Offices – Democracy Now! (1/08/13)

Keystone protesters take the fight to TransCanada offices – Grist (1/08/13)

More than 100 protesters take over TransCanada’s Keystone XL offices in Houston – Cypress Creek Mirror (1/07/13)

Two arrested in Keystone XL protest – Houston Chronicle (1/07/13)

Tar Sands Blockaders Take Over TransCanada Offices in Texas, Elsewhere – Common Dreams (1/07/13)

Keystone XL Aerial Tree Blockade Halts Construction – Focus Daily News, Dallas (1/03/13)

There Will Be Tar Sand – Dallas Observer (1/03/13)

A new year, a new Keystone XL blockade – Grist (1/03/13)

Tar Sands Activists’ Lives on the Line: Back in the Trees to Block Keystone XL – Common Dreams (1/03/13)

Protesters in the Pews – The Christian Century (1/02/13)

“We Demand to Know What You Are Forcing Us to Breathe!” – (1/02/13)

Keystone Pipeline – Occupied Times of London (12/31/12)

The Best Of The Matthew Filipowicz Show: Episode 182 with Gaius Publius and Sarah Jaffe – The Matthew Filipowicz Show (12/27/12)

The Best Of The Matthew Filipowicz Show: Episode 181 with Eugene Jarecki and Ann Elizabeth Moore – The Matthew Filipowicz Show (12/25/12)

Occupy Denver Calls On All Available Occupy Networks to Mobilize Against Keystone XL Pipeline January 7th – (12/22/12)

In Blow to Tar Sands Pipeline, Texas Landowner Wins Restraining Order – Common Dreams (12/11/12)

Protests in Texas just a taste of pipeline battles to come – Globe and Mail (12/11/12)

Interview: “Walker” from Tar Sands Blockade – Free Press Houston (12/10/12)

Episode 175 with Les Leopold and Lee Camp – The Matthew Filipowicz Show (12/27/12)

Keystone blockaders outmaneuvered but not defeated – Grist (12/19/13)

TransCanada outmaneuvers Keystone XL pipeline blockaders – Grist (12/18/12)

Keystone XL Tree Protesters Call It Quits After Pipeline Rerouted Around Them – Inside Climate News (12/17/12)

Texas Landowner to Tar Sands Oil Company: ‘The Fight Is On’ – Common Dreams (12/14/12)

Texas landowner secures temporary restraining order against Keystone XL – The Raw Story (12/11/12)

Judge orders two-week halt to Keystone XL pipeline construction – Grist (12/11/12)

Environmental Activists Chain Themselves Inside Keystone Pipeline – Democracy Now! (12/3/12)

Arrests made in pipeline protest – Tyler Morning Telegraph (12/3/12)

Protestors arrested after barricading themselves inside pipe – KYTX 19 (12/3/12)

Keystone XL protesters blockade themselves inside pipeline – Salon (12/3/12)

Tar Sands Activists Barricade Themselves Inside Keystone XL – Common Dreams (12/3/12)

Police Threaten to Use Tear Gas, Send Dog Into Pipe to Remove Tar Sands Blockaders – Kevin Gosztola (12/3/12)

U.S. secretary of state hopeful Susan Rice has substantial TransCanada interests – Financial Post (11/29/12)

Keystone XL opponents arrested – Houston Chronicle (11/29/12)

Fight Against Tar Sands in Texas Continues: Activists Arrested, Hunger Strike Started – Common Dreams (11/29/12)

Passions boil over during Texas pipeline protests – E&E Daily (11/20/12)

Keystone XL fight heats up again in East Texas – Grist (11/20/12)

‘People Over Profits!’: Climate Justice Groups Slam ‘Wholly Irresponsible’ Tar Sands Plan – Common Dreams (11/20/12)

Episode 171 with Rania Khalek and Josh Eidelson – The Matthew Filipowicz Show (11/20/12)

Keystone pipeline protesters arrested in Texas – CNN (11/19/12)

Protests Against Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Continue, From Washington DC to Texas – Treehugger (11/19/12)

Cherokee Co. deputies pepper spray pipeline protesters – KTRE (11/19/12)

Keystone XL protesters take fight to White House – Salon (11/19/12)

Tar Sands Blockade: Construction Halted As Protestors Face Arrests, Pepper Spray – Common Dreams (11/19/12)

Protesters Confident That Carbon Math Will Force Obama to Reject Keystone XL Again – Inside Climate News (11/19/12)

Keystone XL Pipeline Protesters Pepper Sprayed by Cherokee County Sheriffs – Kevin Gosztola (11/19/2012)

Thousands Rally in DC for Major Keystone XL Protest – Huffington Post (11/18/12)

Former Clinton and Bush Cabinet Members, Now Oil and Gas Lobbyists, Expect Keystone XL Green Light – DeSmogBlog (11/17/12)

Community Corridor: Resisting industrial infrastructure and pipelines from Kitimat to Texas – (11/16/12)

Tar Sands Blockade provides training grounds for creative tactics – Waging Nonviolence (11/15/2012)

In Texas Pipeline Fight, People Step In as Green Groups Step Aside – Inside Climate News (11/14/12)

Relief Is Not Enough: Nov 14–20th Climate Solidarity Actions – (11/12/2012)

Episode 168 with Eugene Jarecki and Ron Seifert – The Matthew Filipowicz Show (11/08/12)

President Obama, it’s time to reject the Keystone XL pipeline – (11/08/12)

A neo-Nazi spotted among Keystone XL pipeline workers – Salon (11/8/12)

4 Arrested as Dozens Protest Keystone Oil Pipeline in D.C. – Democracy Now! (11/06/12)

Tar Sands Blockade: Radical Environmentalism is Radical Libertarianism – Center for a Stateless Society (11/3/12)

Sandy and Tar Sands Pipeline: Stein Arrest Connects the Dots – Fox News – Channel 23 (11/2/12)

Green Party candidate Jill Stein arrested at Texas Keystone XL blockade – The Raw Story (11/01/12)

Green Party Candidate Arrested at Keystone Blockade – Democracy Now! (11/01/12)

Two Charged with Felonies for Disrupting Keystone XL Pipeline Construction from Trees – Kevin Gosztola (11/01/12)

Green Party Candidate Arrested at Tar Sands Blockade in Texas – Common Dreams (11/01/12)

Episode 166 with Zach Roberts and KC Boyd – The Matthew Filipowicz Show (11/01/12)

After Helping to Resupply Tar Sands Blockade, Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein is Arrested – Kevin Gosztola (10/31/12)

Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Arrested Protesting Keystone XL Pipeline: ‘I’m Here To Connect The Dots’ – Think Progress (10/31/12)

Green Party presidential candidate arrested in Wood County – KYTX (10/31/12)

Green Party’s Jill Stein arrested while resupplying KXL blockaders – Grist (10/31/12)

Green Party Presidential Candidate Arrested in TransCanada Keystone XL Tar Sands Blockade – DeSmogBlog (10/31/12)

The Keystone XL Battle Comes to East Texas – Texas Observer (10/29/12)

Keystone XL pipeline work splits trees, divides opinion – Houston Chronicle (10/28/12)

Lone Star Standoff: Texan Landowners and Climate Activists Unite to Block Keystone XL – DeSmogBlog (10/27/12)

Texas Keystone XL Protests Show No Sign of Abating as Arrest Tally Hits 32 – Inside Climate News (10/26/12)

Energy News: US’ First Tar Sands Project Given Green Light, Keystone XL Blockade Enters Second Month, More – Treehugger (10/26/12)

Stopping The Trans Canada’s Keystone XL Pipeline: Activism from the Trees and on the Ground – Global Research (10/25/12)

Tar Sands Blockade: One Month Anniversary of What TX Official Labels “Eco-Anarchists” (VIDEO) – Taylor Marsh (10/25/12)

Two activists join the Tar Sands Blockade in Texas – (10/25/12)

Arrests and restraining orders don’t slow down Tar Sands protesters – KLTV (10/24/12)

SLAPPed, Arrested, Deemed Eco-Terrorists: TransCanada Blockaders Persevere – Truthout (10/24/12)

Judge removes protesters from pipeline path – KYTX (10/23/12)

Tar-sands pipeline protesters take on British Columbia legislature – Grist (10/23/12)

State land commissioner Jerry Patterson’s screed against environmentalists is an embarrassment to Texas – Dallas Morning News (10/20/2012)

TransCanada Temporarily Halts Keystone Pipeline – Democracy Now! (10/19/12)

Keystone XL pipeline brings out the protest in locals – Los Angeles Times (10/19/12)

Tar Sands Pipeline Whistleblower Challenges Claims of Safety – Common Dreams (10/17/12)

TransCanada Whistleblower Confirms Why His Company Can’t Be Trusted On Pipeline Safety – DeSmogBlog (10/17/12)

Jerry Patterson doesn’t speak for Texans when he defends Keystone XL’s pipeline – Dallas Morning News (10/17/12)

Jerry Patterson: ‘Eco-anarchists’ co-opting state’s private property tradition – Dallas Morning News (10/16/12)

Laray Polk: Fact-finding in Piney Woods pipeline protests – Dallas Morning News (10/16/12)

Texas Keystone XL Protesters Hit With Restraining Order – Treehugger (10/16/12)

A Report from Tar Sands Blockade in Texas – Earth Island Journal (10/16/12)

Keystone blockaders get their hands dirty in biggest protest yet – Grist (10/16/12)

‘Time is Now to Make a Stand’: Tar Sands Pipeline Blockade Grows as Company Lashes Out – Common Dreams (10/15/2012)

Arrests, some heated rhetoric mark East Texas pipeline protests – Austin American-Statesman (10/15/12)

Join the Blockade of the Keystone Pipeline – Chris Hedges (10/15/2012)

TransCanada’s Paid Goons Arrest Ten Tar Sands Blockaders – Kevin Gosztola (10/15/12)

Texas Tar Sands Protests Continue: 50 Join a Tree Blockade, Press Gets Boxed Out – Treehugger (10/15/12)

Arrests Mount in Texas Blockade Over Tar Sands Pipeline – Alternet (10/15/2012)

Texas Pipeline Blockade Continues amid Crackdown on Journalists – Democracy Now! (10/12/12)

New York Times Reporters Detained Covering Keystone XL Protests in East Texas – NPR (10/11/12)

Episode 160 with Ari Berman and Josh Eidelson – The Matthew Filipowicz Show (10/11/12)

TransCanada Transforms Area Around Tar Sands Blockade into Police State – Kevin Gosztola (10/10/12)

‘Tree-in’ protest aims to stop a tar sands pipeline through Texas – (10/10/12)

Jeff Connaughton, How Wall Street Buys Washington & Keystone Pipeline Protester on Police Brutality – Majority Report with Sam Seder (10/9/12)

As Texas Pipeline Blockade Continues, Activists Challenge First U.S. Tar Sands Strip Mine in Utah – Democracy Now! (10/9/12)

‘Tree-sit’ direct action blocks Keystone XL tar sands pipeline in Texas – (10/9/12)

Texas great-grandmother arrested for trespassing on own property – Salon (10/8/12)

Tar Sands Blockade: Along with Landowner, Actress Daryl Hannah Arrested – Common Dreams (10/05/12)

Tar Sands Blockade Enters Third Week – OpEdNews (10/3/12)

Daryl Hannah & Eleanor Fairchild Defend Family Farm from Tar Sands Pipeline (VIDEO) – Kevin Gosztola (10/5/12)

Writer and Activist Bill McKibben on the Fight to Save the Planet (VIDEO) – Texas Observer (10/05/12)

Actress Daryl Hannah arrested for physically blocking Keystone XL construction – The Raw Story (10/05/12)

Texas Farmer Arrested for Trespassing on Her Own Land Protesting Keystone XL – Treehugger (10/05/12)

Texas grandmother arrested for trespassing on her own land to protest Keystone – Grist (10/05/12)

Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Construction in Texas Target of Nonviolent, Civil Disobedience Actions – Between the Lines (10/03/12)

Keystone XL pipeline blockade continues in Texas – Institute for Southern Studies (10/3/12)

Keystone XL Protesters Say They’re ‘Scared for Their Lives’; TransCanada Denies Wrongdoing – Inside Climate News (10/02/12)

TransCanada protests reveal a bum deal for Texas landowners – Grist (10/02/12)

Police Confiscate Cameras of Observers at Tar Sands Blockade Action – Kevin Gosztola (10/01/12)

Tar Sands Company Intensifies Fight Against ‘Blockaders’ – Common Dreams (10/01/12)

Episode 156 with Anne Elizabeth Moore and Dennis Trainor, Jr – The Matthew Filipowicz Show (9/27/12)

Keystone XL Tree Protesters Say They Won’t Stop Unless Forced To – Inside Climate News (9/27/12)

These Two Texans Were Tasered, Choked and Pepper Sprayed for Protesting the Keystone XL – Treehugger (9/26/12)

Activists Continue Tar Sands Blockade in Texas – Democracy Now! (9/26/12)

TransCanada Turns Sadistic in Texas: Keystone XL Protestors Tased and Pepper Sprayed – Huffington Post (9/26/12)

Fighting the Tar Sands: Day 3 of Direct Action in Texas – Common Dreams (9/26/12)

Tar Sands Blockaders Arrested, Police Accused of ‘Torture’ – Environment News Service (9/26/12)

What’s at Stake as TransCanada Moves to Forcefully Suppress Tar Sands Blockade – Kevin Gosztola (9/26/12)

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7 Ways Canadian Environmental Groups Are Being Attacked as “Terrorists” – Green is the New Red (9/20/12)

Lockdown! Activists Paralyze Keystone XL Machinery in Texas – (9/19/12)

Protests And Civil Disobedience Against Construction Of The Keystone XL Pipeline Continue – Think Progress (9/19/12)

Keystone XL Pipeline blockades continue in Texas – Infoshop (9/10/12)

TransCanada Offers to Reroute Keystone XL; Activists Target Pipeline Construction in Texas – Democracy Now! (9/06/12)

Protestors lock themselves to pipeline construction equipment (VIDEO) – KYTX (9/05/12)

Tar Sands Blockade protesters chain themselves to equipment (VIDEO) – KLTV (9/05/12)

Texas blockade fails to disrupt Keystone XL, developer says – NewsOK (9/05/12)

Episode 149 with Josh Eidelson and Ron Seifert – The Matthew Filipowicz Show (9/04/12)

Judge Allows Trans-Canada to Take Crawford Land for Keystone Pipeline – Fort Worth Weekly (9/4/12)

7 arrested in Polk Co. pipeline protest (VIDEO) – KTRE TV (8/28/12)

Lockdown on the Pipeline: How a Houston Businessman Helped Shut Down Keystone for a Day – Yes! Magazine (8/29/12)

Seven Arrested While Blocking Construction of Keystone XL in Texas – Treehugger (8/28/12)

Breaking a blockade in Texas – Washington Post Blog (8/28/12)

Seven Blockaders Arrested in Livingston Lockdown – Truthout (8/28/12)

Why We’re Putting Ourselves on the (Pipe)Line With the Tea Party –  Yes! Magazine (8/24/12)

Protests against southern leg of Keystone pipeline a waste of time – The Oklahoman (8/22/12)

‘Tar Sands Blockade’ targets Keystone XL construction – Tulsa World (8/17/12)

Construction Begins on Keystone XL, Protesters Hit Back – Treehugger (8/17/12)

Texans putting their bodies on the line to stop Keystone pipeline – Grist (8/16/12)

Activists Launch Keystone XL Blockade in East Texas – Texas Observer (8/16/12)

The Rise Of The ‘More Radical’ Protester – The Nation (8/13/12)

The Summer of Solidarity: Direct Action Against Extraction – Truthout (8/8/12)

Blockade Aims to Stop Southern KXL Pipeline – YES! Magazine (8/3/12)

Protestors assemble in East Texas to obstruct Keystone construction – Red River Radio NPR (8/02/12)

Tar sands blockade: Grassroots effort to stop reworked Keystone XL pipeline – (7/27/12)

Mountain Mobilization kicks off Summer of Solidarity with a challenge to strip-mining– Waging Nonviolence (7/24/12)

Tar Sands in the Basin: Politics and Protests– Longview News-Journal (7/24/12)

A Long Hot Summer– Huffington Post (7/18/12)

Tar Sands Blockade sends a message to President Obama: Stop Keystone XL– Friends of the Earth (7/18/12)

Opposition to Keystone pipeline files lawsuit– NBC KETK (7/12/12)

Actions Speak Louder Than Words As Earth First! Shuts Down Gas Drilling In Western PA– It’s Getting Hot in Here (7/9/12)

Slew of Anti-Conventional Energy Actions Planned Over the Summer– Earth Island Journal (7/9/12)

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Bill McKibben of on Colorado Wildfires, Debby, Keystone XL and the Failure of Rio+20– Democracy Now! (6/27/12)

Activists Flood EPA with Signatures to Stop Rubber-Stamping of Keystone XL– (6/27/12)

Administration OKs Portion of TransCanada’s Tar Sands Pipeline – Common Dreams (6/27/12)

Outrage over the Obama administration’s fast-tracking of Keystone XL bubbles over – Friends of the Earth Blog (6/27/12)

Texas Activists Move Toward Tar Sands Blockade- Progressive Democrats of America (6/27/12)

Challenge Obama Administration’s Push To Rubber-Stamp The Keystone XL Pipeline Southern Segment– eNews Park Forest (6/26/12)

Activists Move Toward Tar Sands Blockade– Truthout (6/26/12)

Tar Sands Blockade Calls For Non-Violent Direct Action In Texas To Stop The Keystone XL Pipeline– It’s Getting Hot in Here (6/25/12)

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