Diane Wilson’s daughter, Santanna, joins hunger strike in solidarity! Mother of twins is on her 4th day without food.

Diane and her daughter, Santanna, are pictured here wearing masks as a display of solidarity with all those who do not have the privilege of having their identity exposed. In the neighborhood of Manchester many people have differing levels of “legal” status. Let us make their struggle our struggle as well. ¡Compañeras en la rebeldía!

As of today, Diane & Bob are on their 21st day of a sustained hunger strike to call attention to human rights abuses by Valero in the Houston community of Manchester.  On Sunday, Diane’s daughter, Santanna, began striking in solidarity with the people of Manchester and all those fighting dangerous and exploitative resource extraction worldwide!  Santanna is now 4 days without food.

Santanna was born and raised with four other siblings in Seadrift, Texas a small fishing village on the Texas Gulf Coast. Both of her parents were life-long commercial shrimpers working in San Antonio, Espirto Bay, Matagorda Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Santanna is currently an art student in Houston and is the mother of twins.  Her partner is establishing themself as a sustainable goat tender on the gulf coast.  Santanna was named in honor of Chief Satanta, one of the last Kiowas captured in Texas who died by leaping out the window of a second story jail.  As his last act as a Kiowa warrior he deprived white colonizers victory by taking his own life.  They had his corpse but not his obedience.

"I love this land and the Buffalo and will not part with it. I want you to understand well what I say, write it on paper." -Kiowa Chief Satanta

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