Tar Sands Free Northeast Demonstration in Portland, ME

Today in Portland, Maine over 2,000 New Englanders converged in what was the biggest demonstration against tar sands the Northeast has seen. The convergence followed a week of escalating demonstrations against Enbridge and ExxonMobil throughout the Northeast and parts of Canada to bring attention to the proposed Trailbreaker project which would bring tar sands oil through sensitive ecological regions of Canada, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine for shipment overseas.

Photos by Wen Stephenson

The demonstration included a speech by US Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, who said the Trailbreaker project “would pose serious environmental risk” and would, on behalf of her consituents, “ask the Obama administration to do a full environmental review of any attempts to pump tar sands through that old pipeline.” Check out her statement below!

The rally finished with an inspiring call to action by Boston University graduate student Ben Thompson, one of the “Westborough 8” who, on January 7th, 2013, locked down and glued themselves together at a TransCanada office in Westborough, MA.

Today, in solidarity with Tar Sands Free Northeast, Tar Sands Blockaders released banners in Austin, Houston, Diboll and Denton, TX.

The Houston banner was hung on an overpass above I-59, and highlights the Enbridge (“Where oil meets water”) July 2010 Kalamazoo river spill, which over two years later is still not cleaned.

Embridge Close

Embridge Wide

In Denton, students at the University of North Texas dropped a beautiful banner in their student union in solidarity with the thousands who rallied today with Tar Sands Free Northeast in Portland, Maine:

Tar Sands Free NE_Denton_BLOG

In Austin, residents dropped a banner reading “Pipelines Spill, Tar Sands Kill”:

Solidarity Banner_Austin_BLOG

Austin at night is getting creative, par for the course:


This banner was unfurled early this morning along I-59, near Diboll, Texas. The banner is a parody of the green-washed advertisements of TransCanada:

NE Solidarity Diboll Banner Drop_BLOG

Tar Sands Blockade stands in solidarity with anyone and everyone working against unjust and ecologically destructive resource extraction, whether it’s Tar Sands Free Northeast, the Idle No More movement, the Unis’tot’en Camp, other groups focused on issues besides tar sands, or individuals taking legal action against corporate eco-bullies such as Mike Bishop vs. TransCanada or John Bolenbaugh vs. Enbridge. Read our solidarity statement here.

The climate justice movement is accelerating. Together, with our voices and our bodies we will let the forces of ecological destruction know that our planet’s future is non-negotiable.

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