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Bob and Diane Announce End to Hunger Strike on 45th day

On November 29th, 2012 in protest of Valero’s involvement with the KXL pipeline we locked our necks to industrial trucks just outside the Valero refinery. We were arrested and immediately began a hunger strike in solidarity with the struggling people of the community of Manchester. We demanded that Valero not only cease all business with …

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Over 100 People Storm TransCanada Offices in Houston

UPDATE SAT 1:30PM: Check out this rad video of Monday’s action in Houston, the first of Tar Sands Blockade’s corporate accountability actions UPDATE WED 9:00AM: Did you like our corporate accountability actions? Wanna join in on the fun? Find a TransCanada office or one of their investors’ offices in your community and hold your own …

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Sustained Hunger Strike Launched with Blockade at Valero’s Houston Refinery

UPDATE: Monday, 4:00 AM – Diane is Out of Jail Due to Diane’s compromised health in jail while on her hunger strike she opted to be bonded out. Her health is now stable as she continues her hunger strike to demand Valero fully divest from Keystone XL. UPDATE: Sunday, 5:00 PM – Diane is Having …

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