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November 19th Tree-Sit Activists Go to Court

UPDATE: Activists go to court today for the November 19th action Three of the 11 activists arrested on November 19, 2012 went to court today for their criminal trespass charge. Read about that action.  Today the judge threw out the criminal trespass charge for all activists in exchange for Lizzie, Ben, and Julie pleading guilty …

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TWAC Attacks TransCanada!

July 29, 2013- Portland, OR Reposted from the Trans and Womyn’s Action Camp website  For live updates, follow TWAC on twitter PORTLAND, Oregon- Around 11 AM, dozens of activists from the Trans and Women’s Action Camp (TWAC) erected a tripod blockading the entrance to the downtown office of TransCanada, dropped multiple banners and raised a …

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TransCanada Reps Kicked Out of Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation

“You’re not welcome here… We’ve said no from day one.” And with these firm words the TransCanada representatives were kicked out of Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation last week. The seemingly aloof TransCanada officials showed up at the Tribal Office in Eagle Butte, South Dakota in an attempt to win the tribe over to the pipeline, but were met with a …

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