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Protesters Surrounding Pipeline HQ Say “Nooo KXXXL Pipeline!”

Houston, TX – Downtown Houston was total mayhem this afternoon* at the U.S. headquarters of Canada-based pipeline giant Enbridge. When this reporter arrived, the scene was highly congested; nearly a hundred Houstonians protesting the “KXXXL Pipeline” were surrounded by an almost equal number of HPD officers on foot, horseback, bicycle, and Segway™. Just outside the …

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Exxon’s Broken Pipeline: The Pegasus Disaster, One Year Later

Exxon’s Pegasus Pipeline restarted just three weeks ago. The same 60+ yr-old pipeline which devastated Mayflower, Arkansas last April is now actively pumping through the towns, forests and wetlands of East Texas. Tar Sands Blockade traveled to Mayflower after the spill to meet people directly affected by the tar sands industry and hear their stories. …

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Protesters Lock Down Inside of Hilton in Protest of ALEC Convention

Thursday morning, two community members from the organization Blackland Prairie Rising Tide locked themselves to stair banisters inside of the Hilton Anatole hotel at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) annual national convention in Dallas, Texas. Subsequently, two more protesters dropped a banner from a banister in the hotel lobby reading “We Suffer, ALEC Profits.” Beginning on Wednesday, thousands of …

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