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Landmark Keystone XL Trial Underway in Oklahoma

UPDATE: 11:30am– The six jurors have been selected! When it comes time to deliberate, only a simple majority (4 of 6) is required to reach a verdict in this case. Court in now in recess for Lunch. Will resume at 12:45 UPDATE: 10:45am– Jury selection still ongoing. Alec’s lawyer has asked the jury pool questions about …

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Can Astroturf Campaigns Reverse Climate Change?

Originally published in Free Press Houston on September 22, 2014. By Perry Graham.   Yesterday, over 300,000 people gathered in New York City for the People’s Climate March. Organizers for the march billed it as an “historic” event and “the largest rally about climate change in human history.” But don’t be fooled: although filled with …

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Beyond the People’s Climate March: Where Were You During the #Flood?

This piece was written by a Boston-based group of 13 young people who were arrested in #FloodWallStreet. The Tar Sands Blockade collective did not write this piece, but we believe this is an important conversation. *** Recognizing this crucial moment in history, people, especially privileged youth, came out in droves from across the country to …

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