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Video: Why We Blockade at TransCanada’s Houston Offices

Check out this video from our most recent mass action on January 7th. While solidarity actions were happening at the offices of TransCanada and its investors and contractors around the country, over a hundred blockaders took over the lobbies of two different TransCanada offices in Houston, TX.

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Tar Sands Blockaders Rally In Solidarity With Idle No More at Canadian Consulate

On Friday, Tar Sands Blockaders answered a call to action from Idle No More. A couple dozen people, including blockaders and indigenous people, rallied in solidarity outside the office of the Canadian Consulate in Houston. The rally was held in conjunction with a convening of indigenous chiefs to discuss sovereignty and treaty relations, and a …

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Oklahomans Rally on KXL Easement Through Indigenous Lands to Say: “No Tar Sands on Stolen Lands!”

Today, Oklahomans from across the state, indigenous activists, and environmental activists came together and walked onto an easement where pipe for the Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline was being laid through Sac & Fox land in Stroud, Oklahoma in solidarity with Idle No More and the Unis’tot’en Camp, and communities impacted by dangerous and extreme extraction …

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