July 2013 archive

FBI Investigating Anti-Tar Sands Activists in Seattle, WA

  Continuing its longstanding tradition of disrupting political dissent in the United States, the FBI is reported to have visited multiple climate activists in the Seattle area who have participated in anti-tar sands protests this year. In April of this year, activists staged a protest at the Canadian consulate, to “expose the collusion between the …

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Legal Support for Wood County Defendants – We Need Your Help!

This morning, 5 climate justice activists who took action with Tar Sands Blockade last fall had to appear in court in Wood County, Texas, for charges levied against them for their efforts to stop construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Although charged with a variety of offenses, Ben, Shannon, Alejandro, and Sarah were only convicted …

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Tar Sands Healing Walk

On July 5th and 6th, hundreds of people came together from coast to coast to join First Nations and Metis in the Healing Walk, a spiritual gathering focused on healing the land and the people who are suffering from tar sands expansion. Led by elders and ceremony people, the group walked approximately 14 km around …

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