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BREAKING: Injunction served on Line 9 blockaders, entire camp resisting, 4 locked down

BREAKING: An injunction was served to blockaders of a pumping station for Enbridge’s Line 9 toxic tar sands pipeline, they are being ordered to disband the blockade. Although they had the wrong address on the injunction the police have decided to stay until they get the address changed. The entire camp has amassed on site and are …

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Lockdowns, Road Blockades, and Pipeline Occupations (oh my!) Fearless Summer Week of Action Is On!

This morning, ten people with Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance were arrested blockading the construction of a Keystone XL pump station in Oklahoma. Meanwhile, dozens with the Detroit Coalition Against Tar Sands stopped dump trucks in their tracks from adding to the massive mound of toxic petcoke, a byproduct of tar sands mining, that’s piling …

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BREAKING: Swamp Line 9 – a New Blockade to Halt Tar Sands in Enbridge’s Line 9 Pipeline

AWESOME! Our friends to the North opposing the flow-reversal of Enbridge’s Line 9, a 37 year-old oil pipeline, to repurpose for carrying tar sands have blockaded the North Westover Pump Station. They are currently inside installing toilets and a kitchen and situating themselves for the long-haul. Follow the action!! Twitter: @SwampLine9 Tumblr: http://swampline9.tumblr.com/ They sent …

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