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Mike Bishop and Supporters Respond to His Case Being Moved to District Court

This afternoon, Nacogdoches County Court at Law Judge Jack Sinz delayed making a decision in Michael Bishop’s case against TransCanada. Citing jurisdictional questions as to whether his court is capable of ruling on issues of property and land rights, Sinz suggested that both parties file briefs to move the case to a higher court. Bishop …

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Diane Wilson’s daughter, Santanna, joins hunger strike in solidarity! Mother of twins is on her 4th day without food.

As of today, Diane & Bob are on their 21st day of a sustained hunger strike to call attention to human rights abuses by Valero in the Houston community of Manchester.  On Sunday, Diane’s daughter, Santanna, began striking in solidarity with the people of Manchester and all those fighting dangerous and exploitative resource extraction worldwide!  …

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No More Eminent Domain For Private Gain!

How did TransCanada get permission to seize Texans’ private land for its corporate profits? It checked a box on a single-page government form. Yep, that’s all a pipeline company has to do to get “common carrier” status and the power to take land with eminent domain. The good news is that with your help this Wednesday …

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