October 2012 archive

Last Night in East Texas We Held a Community Panel

Landowners and blockaders held a community town hall panel. Local residents were given the opportunity to ask blockaders questions and hear directly from impacted landowners about the Keystone XL and the blockade. Here’s a comment from locals in the crowd: “The only local jobs TransCanada has created here is paying off our local police.” While …

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SLAPPed, Arrested, Deemed Eco-Terrorists: TransCanada Blockaders Persevere

By Candice Bernd, Re-printed with permission from Truth-Out.org Tar Sands Blockade activists maintain their vigil in the trees despite the best efforts of hired security and legal wrangling to dislodge them. The Midwestern leg of TransCanada’s pipeline is up and running after a five-day shut-down to repair areas where required integrity tests identified possible safety …

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Two More Join The Tree Blockade (Day 32)

In celebration of the one-month milestone of our sustained tree blockade two more people joined the blockade! In defiance of TransCanada’s police repression these two brave blockaders managed to sneak past the security perimeter, floodlights, and 24/7 surveillance to join our friends in the trees. There are now a total of four tree blockaders defending …

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