October 2012 archive

Why Oppose the Keystone XL?

There are a myriad of reasons to oppose the expansion of the already-existing Keystone system. Tar sands, tar sands pipelines and related issues are vast and complex with literally thousands of reports and articles on the subjects. We’ve tried to distill this information in a digestible form by coming up with a simple list of …

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From The Trees: A Diary Excerpt From Cat Ripley (Day 35)

Below is a diary excerpt from Cat Ripley, who joined the tree blockade several days ago. Here is their story from the trees: Sitting in a tree all day brings on tides of poignant thought; memory thickly-laden with emotion, siphoned from the weightiest of dream states and experiences. Let me tell you how I got …

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VIDEO: Speaking Truth to Power From the Trees (Day 34)

There is only one tree blockader who has been in the trees from day one of the tree blockade. Our friend, who goes by Chickadee, is a joyous and unbreakable spirit that we dearly miss here on the ground. Watch this touching video of them speaking truth to power from the trees. With love, honesty, humanity, and humor …

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