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Environmental Justice: Why I Got Arrested to Stop Keystone XL

The following is based off of an interview with Alejandro de la Torre the night before he was arrested to protect an East Texas family farm from Keystone XL’s destruction. I’m willing to risk arrest because I have a certain amount of personal privilege that allows me to participate. I don’t live near a Gulf …

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Blockader Locks to Underground Capsule to Protect a Family Farm

UPDATE: OCTOBER 2nd, 10:00AM- Alejandro Released! Alejandro de la Torre has been released from Wood County Jail. When more information becomes available we will update. For now, check out what Alejandro said before he was arrested on our blog. UPDATE: OCTOBER 2nd, 9:00AM – Alejandro’s Bail Set at $10,000 Yesterday Houston resident Alejandro de la Torre …

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Tree Blockade Weathers an Intense Week (Day 8)

UPDATE: Monday, October 1, 6:00PM – Another Intense Day Draws to a Close — Despite Danger Blockaders Remain Resolute UPDATE: 3:30PM – Situation Has De-escalated as Workers Have Finally Pulled Back After several hours of intensity TransCanada’s workers have finally withdrawn from operating dangerously close to the tree blockade and jeopardizing peaceful protestor’s lives with their heavy machinery. Before …

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