It was the Keystone XL that brought us from the woods of East Texas to Houston. Now that we’re here we can see firsthand that the fight against tar sands is about much more than just one pipeline. Communities here have been suffering for decades under the heels of the petrochemical industry, and the government has been complicit in silencing the voices of the people and allowing corporations to engage in activities that add up to nothing less than murder.

The Houston Ship Channel, crafted from the destruction of the Galveston Bay and the Buffalo Bayou, has allowed toxic industry to invade waterside communities, including the Manchester area, and contaminate the air and water that these communities depend on with countless pollutants, including benzene, chlorine, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, and diesel particulates. The environmental racism, proliferation of petrochemical facilities and the centralization of the fossil fuel industry here makes Houston a strategically important place to organize and work to amplify the voices of these communities that have been systematically ignored. The struggles faced by communities on the Gulf Coast where tar sands will be refined are intrinsically connected to the struggles of the Athabasca Chipewyan community, where tar sands are being extracted from the land, and other indigenous communities throughout Turtle Island.

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