Action Video — Maggie Delaying KXL For Another Day (Day 10)

Wednesday, October 3 – Here is the must-see video that you’ve been waiting for. Over the last 10 days we’ve witnessed TransCanada’s heavy machinery recklessly endangering the safety of peaceful blockaders working to defend families from this toxic pipeline. This epic video says it all.

UPDATE 11:15PM- Video Update From @UneditedCamera

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UPDATE 6:30PM – Police Set to Continue 24 Hr Security As Work Day Ends; Maggie Remains Atop Her Perch

As tree clearing halts and workers pack up for the day, police are set to continue a 24 hour security presence around the site of the blockade. Maggie is maintaining her perch on a 1 foot by 4 foot plank near the top of a 40 foot pole right in the way of pipeline construction, going into her second night without receiving food or water. The constant, ramped up police presence is making it difficult and dangerous for ground supporters to get supplies to blockaders in the tree village and on the timber scaffolding. Police and TransCanada workers have set up additional floodlights covering the 500 foot long swath of destruction directly west of the tree village.

UPDATE 11:45AM – Workers Using Chainsaws In Grove Near Tree Village 

Destruction of the forest continues to draw closer to the tree village with round-the-clock police presence. Workers on the ground are using chainsaws to cut down trees on the outskirts of the village, while a wood-chipper eats up dead trees to the south of the village.

UPDATE: 9:30AM – Maggie Holding Strong on Her 40 Foot Pole For Second Day in a Row

From her perch on a 40 foot pole in the middle of a Keystone XL clear-cut path, lifelong Texan Maggie Gorry proclaims “I am going to stop construction for the second day in a row!” as she dances to music from her hand-crank radio.

UPDATE: 8:30AM – Excavator and Huge Wood Chipper Chewing Up Piles of Felled Trees 

Construction begins this morning with workers using heavy machinery to clear out the piles of dead trees they’ve made, leaving a barren landscape to the north, south, and west. Blockaders are forced to listen and watch in horror, determined not to let the land they are defending meet the same fate.

UPDATE: 8:00AM – TransCanada and Police Shined Floodlight Toward Blockaders All Night

In an effort to demoralize blockaders, police and TransCanada workers maintained a bright floodlight pointed at their equipment and toward the blockade all night. But our friends remain undeterred as they enter the 10th day of their protest. Make a donation to keep them well supplied and ready to handle anything police and TransCanada workers may try to get them out of the trees.

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